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Welcome readers of Manhattan User’s Guide and The New York Observer.

For the record, the reason I haven’t updated in a while is not because of a lack of encouragement or readers. Really, I’m just in desperate need of a haircut. It’s been about 3 months. I should get around to it tomorrow or Friday, so look for an update this week.

While you’re here, feel free to suggest a subway barber or see a map of subway barbers.


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Thanks to Jeremiah at Vanishing New York for the Subway Barbers mention today.

Take a look at a few of the locations I know of already on the subway barbers map. The info on it is a little sketchy, so help me out.

If you know of a good location to add to the list, suggest a subway barber.

I’m in need of a haircut in a few days, so look for my first post of any substance soon.


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I have a new project that I’ll be working on over the coming months/years and I need your help.

I want to get my haircut in every subway barbershop in New York City. I’m going to document each hair cut with some text and photos (maybe even audio) and map them all out.

I think I have enough locations to keep me busy for the next few months, but I’m sure that I’m missing a ton of barbershops.

If you have a free second, can you let me know if you know any? Letting me know the line, station/street and general location within the station would be really helpful.

Just to be clear, these barbershops don’t necessarily have to be behind turnstiles, but they should feel like part of the station. In other words, some place on the street level next to an entrance won’t count in my book.


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